About Us

K. Marty Hurlbut, MD

Dr. Marty Hurlbut started Medtique, a Medical Regenerative Boutique in Northwest Arkansas which specializes in regenerative, men’s and women’s healthcare, aesthetics and weight loss.

Dr. Hurlbut went into rehabilitation to help people with disabilities and physical impairments. Due to personal sports injuries and a younger sister with multiple disabilities, this led him to choose physical medicine and rehabilitation as his current path which allowed treatment of patients with physical impairments and disabilities. Opening a regenerative medicine and aesthetics clinic allows him to pursue new avenues to help people with physical impairments such as stress urinary incontinence and erectile disfunction.

Dr. Marty Hurlbut was raised in Abilene, Kansas, Home of Dwight E. Eisenhower. Dr. Hurlbut began medical school at Kansas University for Medical Sciences in Kansas City and went through residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, AR. He practiced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in NWA for over 25 years before starting Medtique.

He has performed countless numbers of injections in over 32 years of training and practice.

His focus in Rehabilitation Medicine of treating the whole person carries over to Medtique’s integrative healthcare. To incorporate multiple aspects of care to assist the patient in their overall health goals.

*Medtique is CMA accredited. To learn more about the CMA click here.